Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What version of Adobe Flash am I running?

Attacks using compromised Adobe Flash files are common, and prevalent in today's malware marketplace. Java has had and gets to keep the title of "King of Vulnerable Software" for the foreseeable future, but Flash is always #2 on the list. This is due to it being installed by default on some older operating systems, and everyone needs it to see dynamic content and videos online.

Because of this, I've wanted to tell what version of Flash I'm currently using in the particular browser on the particular machine that I'm on at any moment in time. It isn't obvious to determine or find this information.

As it turns out, Adobe created a page specifically to help with this problem. I Google'd and found this very handy link from Adobe that allows you to see what version of Flash you're using, as well as a list of what the current version is, AND where to download Flash.


Good luck, have fun and stay safe out there!

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