Monday, August 24, 2020

Fixing Steam 0 bytes available disk space issue when removing a drive from the system

 Ran into an issue this weekend, so I'm memorializing it here. 

I had two drives in my system, one SSD for the OS and one high capacity spinning drive for secondary, slower storage. The second drive is where I put my Steam Library.

I pulled the drive this weekend to put into another machine I'm using for temporary file storage while I migrate Synology servers (longer story). This 1TB drive was holding my Steam Library.

I went into Steam, and Steam recognized that the SteamLibrary folder was no longer present and set the default back to the C:\ drive. I thought I was all good.

Fast forward a week and I have picked up a used NVidia card, and wanted to test it out. Went to download/reinstall the game and Steam says there's "0 bytes available" even though there's no other Steam folder, and the DEFAULT is set to the C:\ drive.

Here's what I did, that wasn't covered by other posts and threads I found: 

1) Go to Steam Settings

2) then Downloads

3) then click Steam Library Folders

4) then right-click on the directory shown and click on Make Default Folder. (yes, yes, even though it says it's already the default)

5) then right-click on the directory again and click on Repair Library Folder. Steam will restart.

You're done. Try installing games again.


  1. That didn't work for me but I realized that if you add another steam folder maybe from another drive, then go back to the download page and choose your default drive from the dropdown list, It should go back to the actual amount of space you have on your device!

  2. "(yes, yes, even though it says it's already the default)" I appreciate it homie!

  3. Mate, thank you very much for this. This is the first time I find an online guide for a Steam issue that actually fixes the issue. Congratulations, and thank you very much again <3

  4. thank you. this post help alot.

  5. For me, just clicking Make Default Folder worked. Thank you,.

  6. easy fix thx a lot!