Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hotmail Gmail Security Features

ZDNet article: Hotmail's New Security Features vs Gmails Old Security Features

I'm assuming that Hotmail is trying to add features that Gmail has, in order to keep its userbase.  Funny thing is that I didn't realize that Gmail had some of these features:

  • SMS password recovery options
  • Security Alerts in real-time if your account has been compromised
I do like Hotmail's addition of a single-use passwords sent to you via SMS.  That's pretty clever.  SMS is pretty secure for the average user, so this seems like a great solution to add to the other SMS options.  More and more banks are turning to SMS as well.

I like the author's suggestions though that someone should offer single-use, disposable accounts, ala mailinator.com, paralelling credit card companies.  I think Discover did that first.  And when will they catch up with PKI capabilities/offerings?  Google could make it a Labs feature and keep it in Beta forever, and that would be fine...


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