Thursday, May 6, 2010

Securing WHS and your network

Home Server Land: Securing Your WHS and Network

This is 16(!) part series published by, a site that I just recently discovered and its pretty extensive.  I'm a little confused on whether its developed and maintained by HP or not.

Most of the content is in the form of PDF documents of risks to running your own IT and how it fits into using your WHS box.  I imagine you could use this to evaluate if you have any of the issues and some suggested ideas of how to remedy them.  What this does not do a good job at, however, is really getting into a discussion of how this all fits together so that someone could make these types of decisions in the future.

Certainly this is something that the small business owner or uninitiated home IT person could use to review their overall security posture and make some changes.  Fortunately, WHS alone is pretty secure.  Its just when you start asking it to do a bunch of other things with add-ons and treating it like a standard Windows Server that you start running into security and stability issues, in my opinion.

YMMV :-)


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