Monday, May 10, 2010

Regulating the Internet

 It seems that there might finally be a solution to the problem of regulating the Internet.  In recent years, large providers have pushed their limits on whether or not they can govern how users utilize their service.  People like Comcast have determined whether or not they would allow Bittorrent traffic, and to what extent, meaning how much bandwidth is a user allowed to use.  As an ISP, it wasn't regulated like a phone company or a cable provider, which seemed accurate not but not "right".  Soon, the FCC will have the ability to regulate ISPs and then enforce new rules, including preventing them from summarily dismissing certain classes of traffic, presumably.  All in all, this is probably a good thing for net neutrality efforts.

FCC outlines new 'third way' internet regulatory plan, will split access from content


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  1. What is really annoying is that this started out as a crusade against those evil torrent users that are downloading all that illegal content. Now they'll hose even legit torrent use. Next will be FTP or HTTP downloads...