Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OpenDNS creates FamilyShield service

OpenDNS: Introducing FamilyShield Parental Controls

Previously to this, you had to sign up for an OpenDNS account, which could be a bit confusing and challenging for a regular home user.  To quote OpenDNS' Facebook comment: Its a "pre-configured, no-account-required way to use OpenDNS, with adult site blocking, phishing and malware protection on by default." 

OpenDNS is a great service.  It hasn't gotten more press, because there's only so much you can do with DNS, meaning you can do content filtering on individual URLs.  Unfortunately, that's going to be an issue no matter what, though, because other content filtering solutions won't filter out individual YouTube videos, individual MySpace profiles or other social networking / content sites.  OpenDNS is fast, effective and efficient.

I've put it on my kids' machines and its easy to get a whole house set up by simply configuring your router to point to the OpenDNS servers. 

FamilyShield’s IPs are:

In the words of Tony the Tiger, "Its great!".


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  1. Or you can use DNS Angel v1.0 (Portable freeware)
    It will protect your family from inappropriate websites and will Block Porn Sites Automatically (without Installing any Software)