Thursday, June 3, 2010

SPAM pretending to be from Habitat for Humanity

SPAM pretending to be from Habitat for Humanity

Now this is just sad, but unfortunately, crooks will try anything to launder the money, including impersonating a reputable, good charity.  They're not trying to ask for your donations, they're trying to get you to receive money and then send it back the crooks.

This is inline, however, with what the crooks are focusing on these days.  Finding ways to move the money they've gathered through renting out botnets or the like, and getting it to them without their real names being used.  In the middle is unsuspecting "money mules" that receive money from one source and are willing to send it out to someone else.  The "mules" can believe they have, technically, not done anything wrong, but are then accessories to a crime.


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