Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Technology News: Community: Should Hacking Be Encouraged?

Technology News: Community: Should Hacking Be Encouraged?

What makes geniuses smart?  What makes a child successful at learning new things?  I'd argue that they're good at recognizing and learning new patterns.  Think about it a little.  Humans are, by nature, pattern matching machines.  Something happens, we learn from it, it happens again, we react the same or differently based on whether the result was desirable or not.  This is true in life and in learning.  I've found the most clever people in the world seem to be adept at learning new systems and then using all that built up knowledge about how things work to extend existing "patterns" into new patterns, new ideas, new products, new systems.  Hacking is simply a way to understand a pattern of something and see if some of the other "patterns" of breaking things apply, hopefully, leading to a new product or system that doesn't fail in those conditions.

Even if we're talking about "hacking" in the "clever manipulation of something to do something other than its original intended purpose", we should encourage the process of thinking outside the box and coming up with something new, interesting and creative, albiet in a legal way. :-)


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